Belgian expansionism and the making of Egyptology, 1830-1952

Partnership with the Archives & Musée de la Littérature asbl


The Archives & Musée de la Littérature asbl (AML), a documentation and research centre on the literary, theatrical and editorial heritage of French-speaking Belgium and the research project Pyramids & Progress: Belgian expansionism and the making of Egyptology, 1830-1952 have agreed to set up a collaboration in order to digitise documents kept at AML and which are of direct interest to researchers in the Pyramids & Progress project. These documents belong in particular to the following archives: Paul Vanderborght, Maurice De Wee, Alexis Curvers, Maurice Des Ombiaux and Emile Verhaeren.

This partnership is promising and strengthens the objectives of both parties. By virtue of their dual mission of preserving and making available the literary heritage of French-speaking Belgium, the AML regularly conduct digitization campaigns, which relate to various documents, representative of all of their collections. The archives mentioned above represent a major interest for the Pyramids & Progress research project since they contain unpublished documents from Belgian writers relating to Egypt. They will allow an in-depth study of Belgian literary cosmopolitanism in Egypt (in particular in Cairo and Alexandria) in the period 1900-1940. Pyramids & Progress has the competent human resources and adequate equipment to carry out digitization work in accordance with the protocols established by the AML. A digital copy of all scanned documents will be given to AML after scanning, which will be free to use. The AML grant Pyramids & Progress members permission to consult, use for research purposes, present in scientific communications and publish in scientific studies documents digitized under the terms of the partnership agreement.

The Pyramids and progress team is looking forward to the undoubtedly pleasant collaboration with colleagues from AML.

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6 Jul 2021 (14:21)