Belgian expansionism and the making of Egyptology, 1830-1952

In Belgium, Egyptology emerged later than elsewhere in Europe, but once under steam, it went through a rapid growth in the course of the first half of the 20th century. In the 1930s Brussels was occasionally even referred to as ‘the capital of Egyptology’.

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It is with deep sadness that we learn of the untimely passing on 10 November of Egyptologist dr. Michèle Broze, a FNRS senior research associate at the Université libre de Bruxelles, where she taught Egyptian language and culture. A specialist in the history of religions and cultural interactions in ...
13 Nov 2020
"Pyramids and Progress" is looking for a full-time documentalist . The deadline for application is 25/10/2020 . Further details can be found in the following link. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of an exciting research project! More information: ...

28 Sep 2020
Antenne Centre Television came to have a look at our EXPO / Made in Belgium. Industriels belges en Égypte (1830-1952) which is opening today!

5 Sep 2020
If it weren’t for the outbreak of COVID-19, the summer of 2020 would have had everything in store for sports fans all over the world. In Europe, national football teams were expected to compete for the European title. In France, the yellow jersey was once again waiting at the end of the Champs ...

2 Sep 2020
One of our partner institutions, the Royal Museums of Art and History, has a vacancy for an Egyptologist (post-doc level) in a new called "SURA: Unlocking the Photographic Archives of the Pioneering Years of Egyptology at the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels". SURA ...

17 Aug 2020
Curious what these photos of railways, bridges and trams have to do with Belgian-Egyptian history? P&P-member and archivist Sophie Urbain has published a contribution about the archives of the société Baume & Marpent in BVNG-ABHC's latest issue of Contemporanea ! Picture: Ensemble de photographies ...
29 Jun 2020
During his research on the life and works of Belgian Egyptologist Jean Capart, P&P-member Jean-Michel Bruffaerts and the archivists of the CINEMATEK film archive brought some footage of the Belgian royal visit of Egypt in 1923 back into attention. One can see then crown prince Leopold, later King of ...

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26 May 2020
Our former colleague and archivist Noortje Lambrichts has published an account (in Dutch) of her experiences at Pyramids & Progress in the first issue of 2020 of META , the journal of the Flemish Association for Library, Archive and Documentation (Vlaamse Vereniging voor Bibliotheek, Archief & ...
18 May 2020
Today marks the second day of the 'responsible deconfinement' in Belgium, something Belgian physician in Alexandria, Pierre Dutrieux (1848-1889) would probably have agreed with. With this blog Gert Huskens and dr. Jan Vandersmissen want to introduce this remarkable and somewhat forgotten historical ...

5 May 2020
Gert Huskens, one of Pyramids & Progress's PhD students, has published a review in the latest issue of Contemporanea about his research on Belgian diplomatic presence in Egypt. To read the full article click on this link: Photo: © ...

28 Mar 2020
Last week, an interview with our P&P-member Jean-Michel Bruffaerts was featured in Le Soir . Re-read it over here ! Photo credit: Twitter, Isabelle Bastaits (@isabastaits).

22 Mar 2020
Our colleague Jean-Michel Bruffaerts has recently published an new article about Jean Capart called 'The origins of museum storytelling: Jean Capart and the dissemination of ancient Egypt' in the Il Capitale Culturale: Studies on the Value of Cultural Heritage. You can download the article (in ...

3 Mar 2020
During the Hulencourt Festival our colleague Jean-Michel Bruffaerts will give a dinner-lecture on 12 March 2020 If you want to please both your intellectual as well as your gastronomic desires, this is the event you're looking for!

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25 Feb 2020
On 19 February 2020 Marleen De Meyer was invited to speak at the American University in Cairo, Rare Books and Special Collections Library, about "Jean Capart, a Belgian Egyptologist in the USA during the interwar years".

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20 Feb 2020
Gustave Hagemans’s passion for art and antiques is still visible in the showcases of the Art and History Museum of the Cinquantenaire. When he sold his entire collection to the Belgian State in 1861, there were around 1.500 pieces, spanning from classical Antiquity to the Renaissance, which were ...

4 Feb 2020