Belgian expansionism and the making of Egyptology, 1830-1952

In Belgium, Egyptology emerged later than elsewhere in Europe, but once under steam, it went through a rapid growth in the course of the first half of the 20th century. In the 1930s Brussels was occasionally even referred to as ‘the capital of Egyptology’.

Heliopolis.  © Le Soir Illustré, 15 Mar 1930.
"Frans van Kuyck", Book of Gold City of Antwerp, Part 1 1866-1892, p. 191. © FelixArchief.
"Ferdinand de Lesseps", Book of Gold City of Antwerp, Part 1 1866-1892, p. 144. © FelixArchief.
The Albert Eid & Co. antiquities store in Cairo. © Nag Hammadi Archive, Claremont Graduate University. Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, School of Religion.
Jean Capart - Severin Fresque © KMKG - MRAH
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News and activities

At the 46th annual Flemish-Dutch Egyptologists Day, on 27 October 2018, P&P-team members Athena Van der Perre and Marleen De Meyer presented "Pyramids and Progress" to a curious audience of Belgian and Dutch Egyptologists.

lecture | conference
9 Feb 2019

Usually, the annual Blue Monday is seen as the uttermost depressing day of the year. However, if you want to to brighten up this day, you can also look through the blue lenses of Bernhard Fiedler.

31 Jan 2019

During their visits of Egypt, Belgian tourists were not only amazed by the architectural grandness of the pyramids and temple complexes, exotic fauna and flora also grasped their attention. Despite being indigeneous to the Seychelles instead of Egypt, Dr. A.

31 Jan 2019

“Smaller Nations” – Lesser Nations? Belgian-German Relationships in Egyptology through the mid-20th century

lecture | conference
24 Jan 2019